About Me

Hi, my name is John Davies, a little about me.

I’m a father to 2 grown-up sons, I have 2 grandchildren, again 2 boys aged 9 and 11 and I am married to Lea my wife of 37 years.John Davies profile image

I am an electrician, at present, although my passion is now online building my affiliate marketing business with the vision of building a sustainable income for me and my family’s future.

I am also a semi-pro musician playing bass guitar with vocals.

I live in Kent, known as the garden of England, here in the UK and am originally from London, I was brought up in South East London around the area of the Old Kent Road. (You may have seen it on the Monopoly board costing just sixty pounds 🙂 ).

I have been toying with various opportunities online for the past few years trying to find a way to make some money and better still earn a full-time recurring income that will see me good in later life, as I plan, a life that will give me more time for me and my family without worrying about money as I travel along that road to Olderville!

As I have mentioned my income at present is through my job as an electrician and at the age of 61 now, and although still very capable to carry out my role, and being fit and able, it’s time to think of the future, a time where grafting for a living is definitely a thing of the past. My personal pension is in no shape to keep me and my wife comfortable in later life so my endeavors working online is the answer.

I came across the affiliate program I am a member of quite by chance, it’s funny how these things happen, after years of jumping from one thing to another (I’m sure you have been there too) I finally have landed slap bang in an opportunity that will be the vehicle to take me to my desired destination.

This is my motto ‘ Work Hard – Have Fun – Make a Difference’                … And that is exactly what I intend to do!

I hope you enjoy my blog and get value from my posts and my journey towards a better life and that you’ll come along with me for the ride!