Affiliate Marketing Training Live 2020

Hello, welcome to my blog and more specifically my very first blog post!

Let me take a moment to briefly tell you a little about me, what this blog is about and what you can expect from me by visiting here each week or indeed, as often as you like.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve tried many ‘shiny’ things that to be honest as got me absolutely nowhere I’ve spent far too much money, and time, on trying to make money online and at times felt like packing it all in. But I persevered and am still alive and kicking and determined to succeed.

I’m starting this new venture because I believe in it and simply have to succeed. I have been an electrician all my working life and although it has been quite a rewarding job income-wise, it is time for me to find a new line of income, something that will take me away from grafting for a living, and in turn, keeping me comfortable in later years. The time is NOW without a moment to lose!

I’ll be posting on my blog regularly, to share exactly what I’m learning and doing and why even with the pitfalls and mistakes along with the results. My intention is for you to follow my journey here in regard to me growing my profitable online business and maybe you’ll enjoy the ride and relate to this journey in order to help you and maybe find that certain something you may be looking for.

I’m not going to pussyfoot around here, my initial goal is to reach £8000 which is $10,000 per month because I want to help my grandchildren and family, I’d like to travel more, Id like to drive a new car, but most of all the most important thing is to have more time for me, spend more time enjoying life, as time is something we can never get back.

Well, what can I say?

I have started my online journey into affiliate marketing the most profitable and probably the simplest online opportunity in order to set myself up for when my bones gradually start to creak and I can have a decent income in retirement. I have joined a program with a brilliant mentor that will guide me to success and in doing so I have now become a certified partner by completing the initial tutorial course and Certified Partner John Daviesreceiving my certificate of achievement. I must say the tutorial course leaves no stone unturned with a concise and direct method of teaching that even a brand new beginner can take on board and understand. If I struggle there is support from the team and other members like myself to help along the way, everybody wants me to succeed… Great!


I took a big step with this opportunity by attending a Live event straight out of the blocks which was quite intimate with only 40 or so attendees just like me also members from the program.

John Davies & Dean Holland
John Davies & Dean Holland at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, London.

The event run by my mentor Dean Holland and his team was at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London on the weekend of 15th & 16th February 2020 and what an event it was.

Throughout my journey flipping from shiny object to shiny object, trying to find a stable, reliable and ethical company online to be a part of and realize my dream of making money online, I have been to many events here in the U.K as well as across the pond in the U.S.A but I have to say this was the best event I have ever attended.

Apart from the 2 days of content filled teaching by Dean Holland, Glenn Shepherd, and Simon Stanley and the brilliant advice and tips, the whole transparency and sincereness projected by Dean from the stage were astounding. I have never experienced this from an online opportunity and for that reason, I have never felt more comfortable and confident with a company, and in meeting other attendees it became apparent that this was the opinion of the whole group.

Day 1 was kicked off with Dean in the morning session talking about the 3 core phases required to succeed with affiliate marketing along with tips on blogging and how simple it is and some advice on mindset and personal development where he mentioned a fellow by the name of Admiral William H McRaven a U.S Navy seal with an extraordinary twist on getting things done by starting the day by ‘making your bed’ – Check him out on YouTube.

The afternoon session started with Simon Stanley, a successful partner in the program, giving a talk on the best method to engage with people and treating the way you address a situation by treating it as a dinner date.

The afternoon continued with Dean covering the topics of focus, and the system we use to inform others of what we can do to help them with affiliate marketing and in their quest to find an income online.

Following on from Dean on stage was Glenn Shepherd who gave an in-depth talk on content and the various methods to acquire ideas along with the best way to structure your content for maximum appeal.

The first day ended with Dean Holland teaching on the subject of defining your ‘who’- Plainly speaking what type of person or market we can talk with and relate to in order to build that relationship of know, like, and trust. He rounded the day off with a Q&A session which was, like the whole day’s content, very valuable.

Day 2 started with Dean giving an extensive talk on the subject of traffic, having a system in place and being consistent, the types of traffic you can acquire from different platforms, be it written, video or audio, the best adverts and the worsed ones too and dropping some gold on resources we could use.

The afternoon continued with a Q&A session that had successful partners on stage who are earning five and six-figure incomes spilling the beans on just what and how they accomplish things with affiliate marketing.

Well like I said at the beginning what an event and what a weekend it was too, such a friendly group of people we all interacted and made new friendships throughout the days in the event room and in the evenings socially in the bar, friendships that will continue to help as we all progress and friendships that can help in any way shape or form to make sure people succeed.

At the event, we were all given a free copy of Dean Hollands book ‘The Iceberg Effect’ Dean outlines his highly successful and revolutionary approach to building a sustainable and highly profitable business as an affiliate marketer in today’s economy.

I’m pleased to say as a reader of my blog post I can point you in the direction to grab your own free copy of The Iceberg Effect book simply click on the book image. (small S&H cover required)The Iceberg Effect Book

Please, take a moment to re-read (if that is even a word) the first couple of paragraphs of my blog post here and digest just how important what I have said in relation to the sincere openness of this company and opportunity, and maybe you’ll take the opportunity to find out more and join us all who are finally heading for success… Let me just finish by saying good luck in whatever you are doing.

Work Hard – Have Fun – Make a Difference

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