"A Must Read For Anyone Involved In Affiliate Marketing Or If You Are Looking To Build A Ethical Sustainable Business Online"



"I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even"

What Is The Iceberg Effect ?

What Is The Iceberg Effect?

"A Must Read For Anyone Involved In Affiliate Marketing... Or If You Want To Start A Sustainable Online Business" 



"I recommend you read this book thouroughly right away, more than once even"


Hi, I'm John Davies, I've worked all my life from leaving school as an electrician and although it has served me well and basically never being out of work it has never been my passion, I suppose you could say that's weird!

I've been self-employed for most of that time which has given me the opportunity to not be tied to one company which I guess can be a little boring for some. The downside of this is never knowing where I'd be working and under what conditions and basically who with, which in its self can be quite stressful and sometimes quite daunting.

I am also a semi-pro musician playing bass guitar with vocals since I was 14 years of age, again a hit and miss industry to be in but I'm passionate about it and love performing.

I live in Kent, known as the garden of England, here in the UK and am originally from London, I was brought up in South East London around the area of the Old Kent Road...I guess you've seen it on the Monopoly board costing just £60 :-)

I have been married to my wife Lea for 40 years ... my 'rock' and have two grown-up sons who are a credit to me, along with two grandsons who keep me fit and are also a credit, they're brilliant!

Although I am still fit and healthy as I get older the 'grafting' side of work is becoming more of a bind, also the fact of trying to find continual work can be worrying.

So I decided to totally change tact and find a new way of earning a living, a full-time recurring income that will see me good in later life, a way to make a living that is less stressful, less manual, and less telling on my body, a way to make a decent income while having more quality time for myself and my family.

A way to make a passive income that will serve me well as I travel along that road to Olderville!

Well, in trying to find this vehicle to succeed I didn't fare well, I was lied to, promised 'get rich' methods, and as they say 'burnt' by spending considerable amounts of money on shiny objects and getting nowhere.

I didn't give up though I kept searching as I knew there must be a way or someone that could point me in the right direction and help me find the type of opportunity I was dreaming of.

I'm glad to say that search online eventually led me to a reputable fella by the name of Dean Holland someone who was recommended to me who had been through all the same pitfalls as me and come out the other side with a wealth of knowledge and was willing to show me the way forward in building a sustainable online business as he had done countless times with many people over many years.

I joined up with Dean, started learning his strategies, and became one of his certified partners, which was nowhere near as hard as grafting for a living, which put me on the right track to building a successful business, a business I had confidence in, a business I could tell my family and friends about without feeling embarrassed or stupid.

So today I'm recommending Dean and his reputable business with a view that this may well be the turning point in your search for a better way of life, and so I am thrilled to be one of a select few to be able to offer you a free copy of Dean's new book 'The Iceberg Effect '

Here's why you need this book... 

You've not had a fair chance since the day you got started...

Online business and the affiliate marketing industry have successfully hidden a devastating secret from its unsuspecting victims for years.

A fact so dark that almost all aspiring affiliate marketers fall flat on their face and fail...

And yet... You're completely oblivious to it!

But don't be too hard on yourself... It's not your fault, VERY few people are aware of its existence.

But today it stops... Today we're drawing a line in the sand.

It's time you knew the REAL problem that's holding you back AND get the answers once and for all.


So... What Is The Iceberg Effect?

It's NOT some motivational strategy... It's NOT a productivity hack.
It’s NOT some short term gimmick or loophole... That's why this book isn't about any of that stuff!
And despite what some might tell you… Your lack of results is NOT down to a lack of traffic!
Because no amount of traffic will help you if you don't first uncover "The Iceberg Effect"
and understand the 5 steps to combat its devastating impact...
That is exactly what this new book will show you!

So why am I giving you this book for FREE?

The reason is that building an online business and affiliate marketing can leave you in the dark and totally lost if you don't know how it actually works TODAY!

Believe me, I know exactly what it is like putting your precious time and effort into something only to find that what you thought would change things for you in fact gets you nowhere.

So enough is enough... 
That is why this book had to be written!

Dean and I want to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible, and guess what, the best way to do that and to help people benefit is to give it away for FREE!

Dean and I believe, by helping you with this book, that you are more likely to want to engage with us in the future...

This book is just the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful and profitable business relationship together for many years to come. 

Not Just The Book... The Bonuses Too!

  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here...

 I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback when you've read the book, I sincerely hope the wise words and information contained within its pages has the same impact on you as it has made on me and my life...


To Your Success
Work Smart - Have Fun - Make a Difference
John Davies & Dean Holland